Support for CEL Courses

We support instructors who develop and teach community-engaged learning (CEL) courses, as well as those undertaking research on innovative community-engaged teaching and learning experiences.

Course Development Consultations

Informed by experience in the field, recent scholarship and existing best practices, we offer course consultations about course design and development to new and experienced CEL instructors. We also deliver CEL course and curriculum development sessions for departments and at faculty events.

To learn more or to book a consultation or presentation, please contact Heather Hermant, Lead Coordinator, Academic Initiatives at at  

Request a Workshop for Your Students 

The Centre for Community Partnerships (CCP) offers a range of workshops for students on community-engaged learning. Click here to explore our offerings.

Grants and Funding

The CCP offers small grants to support instructors teaching CEL courses at the University of Toronto. Click here to learn more about CEL funding opportunities at the CCP and across the university.

CEL Course Development Workshop 

Covering the fundamentals of CEL pedagogy and practice while providing practical strategies for designing and running a CEL course, this workshop invites instructors to bring a syllabus that they would like to re-design or an idea for a course they would like to create. To register for an upcoming workshop, please visit our Faculty Events & Workshops page.

CEL Faculty Fellowship  

Consider applying for the CEL Faculty Fellowship Program. The CEL Faculty Fellowship can support instructors developing a new CEL course. The fellowship recognizes and supports innovative instructors across the University of Toronto who plan to develop new (or enhance existing) CEL and/or community-engaged research (CER) courses. Our fellowship also recognizes and draws upon the contributions of experienced CEL instructors, who are invited to participate in our fellowship as senior faculty fellows. The fellowship activities include peer learning, mentorship, an engagement with CEL/CER scholarship, and hands-on course development support.

To learn more, visit our Faculty Fellowship Program page.