Faculty Resources

We offer a range of resources for faculty and instructors interested in community-engaged learning (CEL), including a newsletter, teaching guides, access to Faculty CEL Resource site with scholarship, sample syllabi, and other resources.

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The CCP produces tools for CEL course design and delivery including tip sheets, overview documents, and bibliographies:

Our Faculty CEL Resource Site is a repository of: 

  • sample syllabi 
  • course design resources 
  • critical reflection tools 
  • specific examples of activities, exercises and assignments 
  • key literature in the field 

Contact Rebs Lee, Programs Administrator, to inquire about access to the Resource Site. 

Several resources are available to students involved in curricular and co-curricular CEL at the University of Toronto, including instructional modules, tip sheets, workshops, and access to a range of support services. For further information and resources, students can visit the Experiential Learning Hub website. 

Experiential Learning Modules

These modules also help students navigate their experiential learning opportunity. Each module focuses on a different aspect of experiential learning. You can consider your responsibilities when engaged in experiential learning; gain a deeper understanding of your strengths, values and interests; learn about the value of reflection; set goals and create a personal learning plan to ensure you develop the competencies that matter to you; and reflect on those competencies while learning how to speak about them on resumes and in interviews. 

The full set of experiential learning modules can be accessed on the University of Toronto Experiential Learning Modules website. Introduction to Community-Engaged Learning and Preparing for your Community-Engaged Learning Experience focus on CEL specifically. 

NOTE: These student-facing modules are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License so that they can be adapted and adopted widely. 

The Experiential Learning Hub provides definitions and descriptions of the range of experiential learning types, as well as connections to logistical support and pedagogical and administrative resources that will help you develop and implement new experiential learning opportunities or enhance existing opportunities for students.

For more information, please visit the University of Toronto Experiential Learning Hub.

The Campus as a Living Lab (CLL) and Experiential Learning (EL) project database showcases on and off campus student projects at the University of Toronto. To learn more and view the course inventory, please click here.

The Experiential Learning (EL) Sustainability Course Inventory gathers information about all sustainability-related undergraduate courses at the University of Toronto that provide practical, real-world opportunities for students to apply their sustainability knowledge. To learn more and view the course inventory, please click here.