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Welcome Community Partners

Photo credit: Monica Melton

The Centre for Community Partnerships (CCP) aims to support communities and grassroots, nonprofit, and public organizations in strengthening their capacity to serve their communities, develop new initiatives, and enhance existing programs. We can work with your grassroots, nonprofit, or public sector organization to create opportunities for collaborating with University of Toronto students and faculty.

We connect students in courses or other activities to your work, so that they can learn from community expertise and contribute to your priorities. At the CCP, we call these courses and programs ‚Äúcommunity-engaged learning,” or CEL.

While all our CEL programs respond to your organizational priorities, they range in length of student involvement, the disciplinary knowledge and skills students might have, the scope of projects/placements, and your supervisory responsibilities.

Is your organization interested in collaborating with students and faculty at the University of Toronto?
We would be happy to discuss the ways we can work together! 

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