Benefits of Working with Students

As a community organization, you can collaborate with faculty and students on projects that support your organization, contribute to the education of students, and gain new perspectives from students who are interested in your organization’s work. Our community partners tell us that they appreciate how collaborating with students can provide organizational programs, services, and client support, access to disciplinary expertise and university resources, and the opportunity to meaningfully contribute to students’ learning about complex community issues. 

Here is some of what our community partners have said:

“The greatest benefit of partnering with a community-engaged learning course is that it gave us the opportunity to develop educational material that we normally wouldn’t have produced in such a short amount of time.”

“The professionalism of the students was outstanding! The experience led some students to critically reflect on their social location and assess their power and privilege. Students expressed a solid understanding of challenges some folks face who experience complex health and social concerns.”

“The students allow us to reach many more residents who benefit from the opportunity to participate in exercise programs. But just as important, the residents and the students develop supportive and caring relationships which is really what makes this a win-win program.”

Photo credit: Centre for Community Partnerships