Jill Carter

Jill Carter

Associate Professor

Indigenous Studies; Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies; Transitional Year Programme

“Introducing a community-engaged learning (CEL) component to INS460 Indigenous Research Methodologies, provides an invaluable experience for both students and partner organizations. My objective in introducing this component was to offer students an experience in working with Indigenous community members and organizations without any agenda of their own. Indeed, their task, as I saw it, was to bring in the skills and passions possessed by each student to serve the needs of the community and to begin to build relationships. Many of the relationships with community members and organizations that students established during the course, have continued to evolve years after students’ CEL placements were completed. Indeed, several of my students now have paid positions with the organizations that they worked with as part of their CEL placements in INS460.”  


INS460: Indigenous Research Methodologies
This course explores the basis of Indigenous knowledge and how that translates into research theory and methodology. Students will design a research project, consider Indigenous research governance and conduct an ethics review.