• Teresa Lobalsamo

    “I have found that CEL is fundamental to students’ learning experiences and knowledge gains in my course, Cucina Italiana: Italian […]

  • Kris Kim

    “Students in analytical chemistry (CHMB16) engage in weekly lab experiments that train them across a wide array of techniques and […]

  • Simone Weil Davis

    “I am a co-founder of the national Walls to Bridges program in Canada and remain a proud member of the […]

  • Leanne R. De Souza-Kenney 

    “The opportunity to teach community engaged learning (CEL) is a unique one. But since the first CEL course that I […]

  • Olivier St-Cyr 

    “Representing UX (INF2192) is the last required course students take in the User Experience Design (UXD) Concentration of the Master […]

  • Linda Trinh

    “For Advanced Exercise Psychology (KPE 330), we partnered with community organizations interested in physical activity programming to challenge students to […]

  • Siobhan O’Flynn

    “I have taught Active Citizenship in Canada (CDN435Y), working with outstanding students and dedicated change-making community partners for over a […]

  • Katherine Entigar

    “Developing a course with a CEL component seems like an easy move when it comes to adult education and community […]

  • Juan Carlos Rocha Osornio

    “I have been incorporating community-engaged learning to my Spanish as a Foreign Language courses since 2017. I first started doing […]

  • Blake Poland

    “As a long-time practitioner of and believer in community-based research, I have explored the integration of CEL into my teaching, […]