Mission, Vision and Priorities


We collaborate with community partners, students, faculty, and staff to advance community-engaged learning and research through building community, enhancing capacity, and learning together. 


Through community-engaged learning and research (CEL/R), we aim to cultivate communities that are rooted in reciprocity, equity, and solidarity and contribute to positive social change. 


The Centre for Community Partnerships is a Centre of Excellence for community-engaged learning and research (CEL/R) at the University of Toronto. As a Centre of Excellence, we provide training, convene networks and communities of practice, develop resources, share knowledge and experience, and offer consultations to develop, deliver, and enhance CEL/R initiatives across the University.

a Venn diagram with 3 overlapping circles. The circles are labelled: community-engaged learning & research initiatives; connection and collaboration, and knowledge, experiences and resources

Knowledge, Experience & Resources 

As a Centre of Excellence, we gather and share knowledge, experiences, wise practices, and resources to support the development and delivery of inclusive and reciprocal CEL/R. This work is anchored in collaboration: we invite community partners, students, faculty, and staff to share their perspectives and expertise.  

Opportunities to learn from, and share, knowledge, experiences, wise practices, and resources at the CCP include: 

  • Programs, events, and training sessions for faculty, staff, and students 
  • Asynchronous resources including faculty guides, online modules, bibliographies, and sample CEL course syllabi  
  • Consultations on CEL course/program development and community-university partnerships partnerships for faculty, staff, student groups, and community partners 
  • Recognition program to share university-based opportunities with community partners 

Connection & Collaboration 

At the CCP, we bring people together for shared learning and reciprocal partnerships. We believe that facilitating opportunities for connection and collaboration moves us towards our vision of positive social change rooted in reciprocity, equity, and solidarity.  

To create opportunities for connection and collaboration, we: 

  • Facilitate networks and communities of practice for faculty and staff 
  • Convene faculty, staff, community partner, and student advisory committees 
  • Share opportunities for engagement in our faculty, staff, community partner, and student newsletters 

Community-Engaged Learning & Research Initiatives 

At the CCP, we work with community partners to co-create and co-deliver meaningful CEL/R programs for students from the St. George campus.  

Opportunities to participate in CEL/R initiatives include: 

  • Volunteering to be a tutor, mentor, or friendly visitor with a community partner organization 
  • Undertaking research projects in groups for community partners 
  • Attending pop-up events where you can learn about specific social issues from community partners and take action